We believe in creating products that last a long time. We do this with a timeless design that can last for generations and with the type of material we use in our products. When we design new products today, we always try to use sustainable and natural materials such as jute, linen and wool.

    Our waste material will become new products

    Together with the fantastic lifestyle and interior design brand The Straw, new products are created from our waste material and thus our fabrics get a whole new life. The brand was founded by two inspiring women named Caroline and Ellen who wanted to make a difference for our planet and create sustainable home and interior design products that do not go out of date.

    “Since the foundation of The Straw is about sustainability at all levels, from idea creation to a finished product in our hands, the opportunity that Svanefors has given us by gaining access to their waste fabrics has been much appreciated. Not only do we get the opportunity to create nice and sustainable products, we also get to work with like-minded and responsible companies.”

    – Ellen & Caroline from The Straw

    The Straw focuses on developing products that are sustainably developed with a great sense of care and thoughtfulness. The materials are probably selected and they only use natural materials that are used or left over from other production processes. Not only that, The Straw collaborates with the company Fabrikörerna in Gothenburg, which sews some of their products. The manufacturers do a fantastic job of integrating new arrivals in Sweden with language and work training by sewing for different companies and purposes.

    Be inspired by The Straw:

    • You can find the products on their website
    • Follow their inspiring journey at Instagram
    • Read more about their sustainability work here

    The choices we make when we create our homes do not have to be a burden on our environment. Choosing materials that can live several lives is good for both the wallet and the environment. Now we say goodbye to wear and tear & welcome solid materials that last over time.”

    – Maria, purchasing manager at Svanefors

    Hållbara och naturliga material


      For those who care about the environment, linen is a good choice. Linen is expressive and it can look so different, everything from stylish and elegant to more light and casual. Linen is a must-have material for the trend-conscious. The material lasts a long time and is a durable material. The more it is washed and used - the softer and shinier it becomes.



      Jute is a natural material and therefore a good environmental choice, as it is biodegradable and can be recycled. It is a fast-growing plant and produces interchangeable fibers that do not harm the environment. Jute gives a rustic and cozy feeling to the home.



      Wool is 100% renewable and natural, which is why it is one of our most durable materials. Wool has self-cleaning properties and is easy to keep clean. Wool garments do not need to be washed often, but can advantageously be aired after use. Wool has temperature-regulating properties and can regulate both heat and cold. Choosing a blanket in wool is therefore optimal as it has a warm-insulating effect.


    Ecolabelling of our textile

    • GOTS

      Global Organic Textile Standard, GOTS, is an international eco-label for organic textiles. The label covers the entire life cycle from raw material to finished textile. Requirements are placed on the textile fiber and on the chemicals used in the processing, but also on packaging, labeling and distribution. GOTS also sets requirements for working conditions in the factories.

      We have clearly written which of our products are GOTS-labeled in the respective product description.

    • ÖKO TEX

      OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent global test and certification system for textile raw, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. The certification means that the textile in the finished product is free of unhealthy chemicals. The certification system was introduced in 1992 and the main purpose is to develop test criteria, limit values and test methods on a scientific basis.

      We have clearly written which of our products are ÖKO TEX-labeled in the respective product description.
    • BSCI

      BSCI is a European organization under the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the strength lies in the fact that the members have a common code of conduct and a common system for auditing. Through BSCI, the social working conditions throughout the supply chain are examined and they are experts in textile imports.