A softer world since 1956

    In 1956, Svanefors was founded. With a couple of looms, placed in the mill in Torestorp, a small village in Sweden, curtains were woven. Since the lake in the village is called Svansjö and the founder of the company is named Svanhäll, Svanefors became a natural name. In the 90’s, in-house production ceased and they switched to the wholesale business and a couple of years later it was time for unique, distinctive patterns in trendy color scales. It was a success and the development accelerated.

    We would like for everyone to find something special with us, a personal favorite. That is why we strive for a wide and well-coordinated range – from stylish classics to strong characters. Textiles and patterns that differ, but always with one thing that unites them –  Swedish design. Our textiles are available in a number of variants for all rooms in the home. The idea is to create a whole and produce interior details that match and complement each other. And everything should have the special feeling that is Svanefors – naturalness and simplicity.


    This is how we have worked since the start in 1956.